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They are among us and in fact we use them daily, but now, the virtual assistants could start working directly with us. 

  • Some companies offer their users virtual assistants
  • Some companies offer their users virtual assistants
  • A personal has ceased to be a luxury to become a need that could change the future of work.

Anyone can access a virtual assistant. Virtual assistant companies can be more productive.

Advances in technology and the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence to mobile devices have led some companies to decide to offer their users virtual personal assistants. We know Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon and Cortana from Microsoft, who give us tasks with the mobile, however, there are some virtual assistants who, in addition to streamlining the daily tasks, can help us to work and be more productive.

When talking about virtual personal assistant, we can refer to a software designed for a particular task, or a person who telework for a company doing tasks that usually consume time but do not involve making decisions that can change the future of the company. In this article, we will refer especially to the first of these options.

What is a virtual personal assistant?

A virtual personal assistant combines the use of Artificial Intelligence with data analysis tools that allow an instant response to customer inquiries.

Why use a virtual assistant?

1.- Customer Care Services:

Some time ago, companies that wanted to have a permanent service of assistance to the user had to hire specific operators for the task. These employees trained to answer all kinds of questions alternated their shifts to respond to customers through social networks, chats within the company's website, etc.

With the arrival of virtual personal assistants, any company can offer this service by hiring only one assistant. But not only that, but thanks to the incorporation of animated avatars, these assistants can even simulate the sensation of chatting with a human operator.

2.- Personal services or for professionals:

Do you need to book a restaurant? Maybe a service of any kind? Modify your agenda? Or even answer your emails!

Increasingly, there are even mobile applications that allow us to perform these types of tasks through a virtual assistant.

Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant:

They allow to reduce costs, perform tasks that can be automated and thanks to Artificial Intelligence can analyze an infinite amount of data in a matter of seconds, to provide the user with a better experience with the service used. If we think so, the question we should ask ourselves is: Why not hire a virtual assistant?

One of the most famous is  Operator , testing it is the best option before making decisions. Of course the big companies like Microsoft or Google, have this type of applications.

Despite the fact that expectations are high and technological advances in the area do not stop appearing, there is still no virtual assistant capable of performing all the tasks that a company can demand. And in fact, it is also important to note that the culture of task automation is just beginning to bear fruit in many sectors, so far reluctant to incorporate this type of progress. 

Do you want to delegate tasks and put your company on the road to digital transformation with the same action? Hire a virtual personal assistant and test today how the work will be in the future!